Turkey has emerged as one of the top destinations for medical tourism, ranking sixth in the world for medical tourism. Out of roughly 35 million tourists who visited the country last year, around 500,000 came for surgical procedures.
Cost Effective

Cost Effective

People from countries with heavily congested health systems welcome the opportunity to choose the time of their surgery together and saving 40 to 70 percent, which is more affordable than European countries. While those from less-developed nations are attracted by Western-trained medics and new private healthcare services available in Turkey. Patients from western countries, whose medical insurance do not cover Orthodontic treatment and cosmetic surgery, prefer Turkey due to its low-cost labor and affordable holiday prices.

Safe and Quality

Safe and Quality Medical Service

As a result of state led health system reforms and an influx of private investments to Turkey's healthcare landscape, the country is now a strong alternative for international patients. With 51 Joint Commission International- JCI accredited hospitals, Turkey's private medical infrastructure is now a well-built option in the global medical tourism arena.

Geographical Advantages

Geographical Advantages of Turkey

  • Direct flights to 150 destinations
  • Hub of transportation
  • Time zone between biggest centers
  • 60 countries can be reachable in 4 hours
Short Waiting

Short Waiting Lines and Quick Service

In the EU and Middle East, medical tourism is often driven by the lack of timely access to quality care nearby. Therefore, some patients choose to travel in order to receive treatment in a matter of weeks. In other areas, quality healthcare does not exist so travel is the only option.


STHealth, with its 25 years of experience in tourism and health sector, offers its guests full range medical travel service and consultancy customized to their requirements within a reasonable budget. While comforting its guests with every detail of the medical travel such as welcoming, accomodation, hospital and doctor coordination and VIP services, STHealth makes its guests enjoy a comfortable city tour.
As STHealth team, we are well aware of the difficulties in obtaining medical service in another country and in a foreign culture. By working with STHealth, you will always feel “at home” at every stage of your treatment. We will accompany you starting from the moment you enter the country up until you leave it.
  • Accessible Tourism
    • Barrier-free destinations:
      infrastructure and facilities, activities, exhibits, attractions
    • Transport: by air, land and sea
    • High quality services: delivered by trained staff
  • Onchology
  • Otolaryngology, Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Dental Services
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Obesity
  • Ophthalmology
  • Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility
  • Orthopedics & Traumatology
  • Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery
    • Adult
    • Pediatric
  • Neurosurgery
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Organ Transplantation
    • Kidney
    • Liver
    • Heart
    • Bone Marrow
  • Check-up
  • Surgery
Makes you feel at home

Makes you feel at home

  • STHealth assigns a consultant which speaks the same language with the guest for 7/24.
  • STHealth welcomes its guests from the airport or arranges land-sea-air ambulance depending on the conditions of its guests.
  • STHealth has collaborations with the quality hotels around hospitals in Turkey and provides hotel and accomodation arrangements during the treatment.
  • Guests will be provided a mobile phone line during the whole stay.
Informes about every detail

Informes about every detail

  • Welcoming: STHealth collects necessary medical informations and test results from the guests in advance to start the treatment plan and returns within 24 hours.
  • During the treatment: STHealth keeps its guests informed regularly about the whole details and follows the details instead of its guests.
  • Departure: Guests and their relatives will be informed about their next check appointment and after treatment care. STHealth also offers after treatment and doctor service.
Provides reasonable prices

Provides reasonable prices

STHealth provides low-cost prices through the collaboration agreements with the leading medical institutions, imaging &laboratory services and air-sea-land ambulance services.
Assures quality for the medical treatment

Assures quality for the medical treatment

STHealth screens medical institutions based on the quality of care and works only with the institutions that meets the highest standards such as JCI/JCAHO and ISO accreditations.
Coordinates medical institutions instead of you

Coordinates medical institutions instead of you

STHealth coordinates all the parties such as institutions, doctors, insurance company, laboratories, ambulance and transportation companies. Guests focus only to their medical treatment.
Makes you enjoy the city while rebuilding yourself

Makes you enjoy the city while rebuilding yourself

STHealth, with its 25 years of experience in tourism and health sector, also offers inspirational holidays or short excursions while you are in Turkey.

Stress-free and Pleasant Welcoming Service STH primeclass

Services at the Airport

Services at the Airport

  • Greeting at the airport,
  • Porter service,
  • Assistance during check-in and passport transactions,
  • Assistance and privileged payment points at Duty-Free,
  • Access to private passenger lounges,
  • Transfer to the gate on special in-terminal vehicles,
  • Greeting on your return,
  • Assistance during visa transactions if required,
  • Privilege of using fast track passport counters,
  • Porter service and assistance in meeting the greeters.
Services Outside the Airport

Services Outside the Airport

  • City-airport-city transfer service in private chauffeur-driven comfortable vehicles.
  • Rent-A-Car: Chauffeur driven car rental options with a wide fleet of vehicles.
  • Apron transfer*: A privileged transfer service from the aircraft to the terminal.
  • Flowers: Delivering flowers to your guests at the airport.

*Apron transfer service is available only at Istanbul and Ankara airports when flying with participating airlines.


STHealth is a strong partner of leading medical institutions, imaging & laboratory services and air-sea-land ambulance services.

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